Collectors are kindly invited to send images of painted works following the modalities reported below.
All the works of proven authenticity will be published in the General Catalogue. Please note that no expertise will be provided on the paintings, nor will any advance information be given concerning possible publication in the catalogue of the images supplied.




Instructions for sending images of painted works.


You are kindly asked to send only images of paintings.


  • For each work, please send a digital image of the front and back. These must be professional photos, in colour, JPG format and high resolution: minimum 2500×3500 pixels, 300 dpi.
  • Label each file with the name and the actual measurements of the work without its frame, citing first the height. If no title is indicated on the back of the painting, please label it “Untitled.
  • The message accompanying the image should include: your full name, email address, title and measurements of the work, and how the work became your property (auction, gallery, from the artist, from a private party indicating this person’s name).
  • In the case of more than one work, please send the files using a transfer service such as WeTransfer or TransferNow.


Besides valorisation of the works in your possession, sending these images is essential for enabling the Vittorio Matino Archive to perform its duties of protection and promotion of the artist’s work. We are very grateful for your collaboration.


We reiterate that images of the works by Vittorio Matino are the property of his universal heir, Nathalie Vernizzi-Matino, who holds exclusive rights of reproduction and economic exploitation.


The archive of Vittorio Matino’s work,
administrated by Nathalie Vernizzi,
can be contacted by mail at the following address:

 6, rue Rossini, 06000 Nice, France